Are White Papers Dead?

Are White Papers Dead?

Are White Papers Dead?Content managers need to create a buffet of must-read pieces. They want to offer a smorgasbord of content that an audience can sample, savor and come back to for more. But on a buffet of blog posts, videos, and infographics, do white papers still warrant a place at the table?

To hash out this white paper debate, we asked two content managers – with opposing views – to weigh in. Michael Montgomery, who owns a fundraising and economic development consulting agency, says it’s time to take white papers off the buffet. Soren Ryherd, president of marketing firm Working Planet, on the other hand, says white papers are an essential part of a reader’s diet. Check out their arguments below.

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How Shoplet Uses Product Reviews To Boost Sales Figures

Shoplet Product Review Success

Shoplet Product Review SuccessWord of mouth has always been a great sales tool, and the model has made a smooth transition into the digital world. One example is the wealth of user reviews on product pages hosted by major retailers like Amazon, but that doesn’t necessarily extend their off-site marketing reach.

However, getting those reviews out on external sites can make a major difference in inbound traffic. Companies like Shoplet, an online office supply store, have adapted this trend and implemented their own successful product review program as part of its overall content marketing strategy.

We asked one of the Shoplet’s marketers, Diana Regal, to explain how and why this content marketing tactic works for the company.

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Why Is Content Marketing Vital To Your Business?

Why Content Marketing Is Vital To Your Business

Why Content Marketing Is Vital To Your BusinessContent marketing is a hot topic right now. Why? Because it’s an effective method of advertising at a time when old marketing models aren’t as effective as they once were. Rather than buying a full-page newspaper ad and hoping your customers see it, now you can create brand-specific content to help customers find you.

Content marketing is the act of creating high quality content with the intention of educating and attracting a specific audience. The ultimate goal is to leverage this content to build brand awareness and boost your bottom line.

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