5 Habits of Highly Effective Content Managers

Effective Habits of Content Managers

Effective Habits of Content ManagersThere are thousands of people who create and maintain content, but there’s a much smaller group of content managers who are highly effective. These content superheroes can write killer storiescapture the attention of an audiencemaintain a tight editorial calendar and build an audience that craves more – all without sporting a red cape.

How do they do it? Are they eating Wheaties? Staying away from kryptonite?

The truth? Highly effective content managers tend to have several non-negotiable habits that keep their talent and content sharp. With the help of two content managers, Kari DePhillips, the owner of The Content Factory, and Sarah Maloy, Shutterstock’s content marketing manager, we’ve decoded a list of habits that highly effective content creators and managers have.

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7 Ways To Build Better Editor-Freelancer Relationships

Building Better Relationships

Building Better RelationshipsAs an editor, you want to distribute assignments, receive quality work on schedule, and keep your content stream flowing. To stay on track, you’ll want to find freelancers who can provide exactly what you need. While this may not appear challenging on the surface, there are a few best practices that can help you build the strongest editor-freelancer relationship possible.

Now that most assignments are doled out via email, deadlines are tighter, and there is an increasingly competitive pool of writing talent, expectations for quality are higher than ever. So how can an editor and a writer, two people who sometimes never meet face-to-face, create compelling content together? The answer is good communication.

To help you narrow down the most effective ways to interact with freelancers, we’ve asked two content experts to offer some insider tips.

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Inbound Marketing Generates $3.4MM For A Surprising Candidate

Fisher Tank Company Generated $3.4MM in Leads

Fisher Tank Company Generated $3.4MM in LeadsAre you in the market for an enormous, industrial capacity, steel septic tank? It’s an odd question, we know, but it was one Wisconsin-based marketing firm, Weidert Group, had to answer for a client. The company was tasked with building an inbound marketing strategy for Fisher Tank, a company that sells steel tanks to waste treatment facilities and other industries like bio diesel and oil refineries.

Since 1948,  Fisher Tank had sold its products primarily by cold calling or word of mouth, so the idea of bringing qualified leads to the sales team through inbound marketing was an appealing change to the existing strategy, says Frank Isca, senior inbound marketing consultant at Weidert Group. But that’s not to say there weren’t a few skeptics.

Could inbound marketing really help Fisher Tank sell their product to a niche audience?

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Introducing Newsdesk


Infographic: A history of the wire service


To help celebrate the launch of Ebyline’s News Desk custom wire service we wanted some way to visualize the timeline of journalism innovation. The more we researched the histories of the various big news agencies—AP, Reuters, AFP, UPI—the more apparent it was that the wires have done more to consistently pioneer new models, new technologies and new products than anyone else in the journalism biz.

They seized on the invention of the telegraph to replace steamships and homing pigeons (no kidding), were the first to use radio for news, developed the distribution of stock market quotes that we rely on today and have generally been much more open to improvisation and invention than their clients. Of course, there have been some famous gaffes, rivalries, bankruptcies and indignities.

We’re happy to include the good, the bad and the bizarre in our graphic history of the wires.

Ebyline’s Bill Momary and ProfNet’s Evelyn Tipacti on the freelancer economy


Wondering why brands are using journalists to get their message out? Or how media outlets are turning to freelancers in greater numbers? Join Ebyline chief executive and co-founder Bill Momary for a Twitter chat with ProfNet’s Evelyn Tipacti on Tuesday, Nov. 13, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. EST.

Momary and Tipacti will talk about how the freelancer economy is shifting away from traditional enterprise journalism toward customized content for companies, agencies and government, in addition to news outlets looking to experiment or do temporary projects. At the same time, freelance writers face a host of challenges from getting their first clips to staying on top of their personal brand to becoming fluent in multiple platform and media.

To submit questions for Bill in advance, please email profnetconnect@prnewswire.com or tweet your question to @profnet or @editorev. You can also ask your questions live during the chat using the #connectchat hashtag. Please use that hashtag if you are tweeting a question or participating in the chat. If you can’t make it to the chat, don’t worry—a transcript will be provided on ProfNet Connect the next day and we’ll post a link on our Twitter feed (@ebyline).

Momary was  the vice president of advertising at the Ventura County Star and worked as a regional advertising manager at the Los Angeles Times. ProfNet is a service of PR Newswire that connects journalists with a database of 50,000 topical experts.