The Lay Of The Land: Opportunities And Pay In Freelancing

Jennie Phipps of Freelance Success

Freelancers Turn to Content MarketingBrands are beginning to create and promote helpful, relevant content on a large scale. American Express’s OPEN Forum and Target’s A Bullseye View are perfect examples of effective content marketing. But from a freelance journalist’s point of view, writing content that ultimately promotes a business can be uncharted territory. So what’s the state of this junction of journalism and marketing today?

To learn more about the content marketing landscape, we spoke to two freelance writers who also run their own online writers’ groups.

Carol Tice launched Make a Living Writing in 2008 to help other writers keep up with the ever-changing state of the freelancing world. She also runs The Freelance Writers Den, a members-only site that focuses on helping freelancers grow their incomes.

Jennie Phipps has managed Freelance Success for over a decade, creating newsletters and providing a forum where freelancers can discuss everything from business management to new work opportunities. She has also done plenty of her own writing, contributing to sites from Bankrate to FOX Business.

Both women had plenty to say about their experiences writing material for corporate patrons, and it all points to an interesting turning point in the worlds of content marketing and freelance writing.

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Can crowdfunding power smarter journalism?

Beacon Crowdfunding journalism

Beacon Crowdfunding journalism

Award-winning freelance journalist Nate Thayer, who has 25 years of experience as a foreign correspondent, is trying to raise $67,500 on his website to self-publish Sympathy for the Devil: Living Dangerously in Cambodia, his book about the Pol Pot regime. Thayer’s efforts to get his reporting published hasn’t been easy. To date, the writer has managed to gather over 800 pages of original research, including photographs and documents, for the book. But the longer struggle to get his story published goes back over a decade, to when he became the first Western journalist to interview Pol Pot since the Cambodian genocide.

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5 Apps To Make Your Freelance Life Easier

Iphone Apps

Top Apps

From typewriters to text messages, technology has come a long way. And for freelancers, technology is now a vital necessity. You depend on your high-speed internet connection, smartphone and laptop. Without technology, you couldn’t do your job. Period.
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How KISSmetrics’ Dan McGaw Gets More Work Out of His Workday

Dan McGaw Headshot

Dan McGaw

Dan McGaw

Do you make the most of your workday? Whether you work a 9-to-5 or are constantly on call, time management is important. But how do you get everything done without running yourself ragged?
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Stay Classy, Freelancers: 8 Ways To Network With Style


Staying Classy

Take a little advice from Ron Burgundy when you’re networking and “stay classy.”
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