Bloggers v. Journalists: Why it Matters and How to Avoid a Lawsuit

judge rules on bloggers

Bloggers who consider themselves the “citizen journalists of the internet” are still stinging from the slapdown issued last month by an Oregon judge who ruled that “bloggers are not journalists.”
Crystal Cox, who labeled herself “an investigative blogger,” lost a…

5 More Websites for Better Online Research

online search

Ed. note: Wrapping up her three-part series on investigative reporting, Stephanie shares several more useful websites. For more tips, read part 1 on interview techniques and part 2 with the first five recommended websites. 
Here are five free unrestricted websites…

5 Websites for Sleuthing Out Story Information


Ed. Note: Last week, Stephanie shared her tips on getting sources (or in the case of PI work, targets) to open up. Now she’s sharing some of the online resources that PIs, reporters, and just about anyone else can use…

What Private Investigators Can Teach You About Interviewing

Private Investigator

Freelancers with experience as investigative reporters might consider working for a private investigator to supplement their writing income.
However, a note of caution: since the topography of both private investigation and investigative reporting is littered with slippery slopes, you must…

Reporting on Health & Medical Studies? Here’s How to Avoid Junk Science

medical writing

Politicians and the public aren’t alone in their confusion over how to diagnose the validity of health and medical claims. As a journalist, you may receive news releases seeking publicity for a new medical therapy, a recently-approved prescription drug, or…