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Intel’s Pam Didner On Content Marketing Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

Pam Didner is Intel’s global integrated marketing strategist, a contributor to the Huffington Post and a blogger about marketing and content at Pamdidner.com. Ebyline asked her about the future of branded content, Intel’s own efforts including blogs such as iq…

Ex-Mashable Editor Charlie White On How To Launch A Proper Blog


Charlie White knows blogging: he wrote the book on it. But until August he hadn’t actually ever had a personal blog of his own. Sure, he was most recently a senior editor for tech website Mashable and held previous posts…

Common sense ideas for making online video work (and pay)

News conference

The promise of running video on news sites has been just around the corner for about a decade now. With technology cheap, and bandwidth to spare, news organizations—and newspapers in particular—have reasonably assumed they could compete with broadcast and cable…

Infographic: Twitter and the art of media punditry

Infographic: Twitter and media punditry

One great thing about our addiction to social media (and really, this may be the only one), is how easy it makes it to turn mushy real-world concepts such as influence into quantifiable, crunchable statistics. For those of us mathematically…

Why can’t bloggers and journos get along? #NMX recap

NMX 2013 Recap

If there’s one thing we learned at the NMX conference in Las Vegas this week, it’s that the gulf between “new” and “old media is still pretty big. Bloggers complained about the mainstream media’s lack of respect and a few…