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Turning Today’s Freelance Article Into Tomorrow’s Book


Programmatic Buying

As writers we’ve all been there: You’ve written a story that has a lot of weight that you’re really proud of, only to have it come and go from a headline stack in a day. And while it may be read again, so long as somebody finds it in the sea of other related pieces in a Google search, it’s probably never going to quite find the audience you originally wanted it to.
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Great Content is Bigger Than it Looks


Programmatic Buying

Ebyline’s new report Content That Sells shows you how

Did you know that content marketing may well has started back in the 19th Century when tractor maker John Deere began publishing The Furrow? Using great content to connect with customers is obviously now new; but the scale and reach of content marketing has exploded in recent years and what was once a niche strategy for only for the very biggest brands is now an essential tool for every business.

“Marketing departments can’t market the way they used to…the new advertising is great content,” says Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, in Ebyline’s new report Content That Sells: The new content marketing basics anyone can use.

As content marketing migrates down to small and medium-sized firms, business owners and marketers are finding that content is an affordable strategy that helps them compete with the big guys—traditional advertising media remain relatively expensive for smaller firms and online channels require dedicated resources and technical know-how to master. Content marketing, in contrast, requires mostly imagination, passion for one’s brand, a desire to connect with your customers and give them information they need.

Content That Sells is packed with strategies and tactics to help you launch into content marketing or accelerate your existing program. You’ll find helpful advice from content pros like W20 Group’s Michael Brito and Copyblogger’s Brian Clark and the latest data for benchmarking against peers. Best of all, Content That Sells is free to download and is a great introduction to how brands and marketers can use professional journalists to put out top-quality content that expands brand awareness, attracts prospective customers and keeps existing clients engaged with your firm.

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Content Marketing World 2013: Podcast Edition


CMW-LogoWhat’s a unique way to do content marketing at a content marketing summit? Ebyline chose to cover the first day’s networking reception (read: open bar) NPR style with a short podcast. Afi-Odelia Scruggs, an Ebyline freelancer and veteran of Chicago Public Radio, Marketplace and other programs, donned the headphones and armed herself with a shotgun mic to buttonhole attendees and find out what this year’s CMW was all about.

We wanted the diverse opinions and perspectives of marketers, content producers, publishers and experts. Whether or not you made it to Cleveland this week, we hope this podcast gives you some insight into what was said, what was learned and what content marketers are still wondering aloud.

Have a listen, spread the word and give us your thoughts on this year’s CMW and the future of content marketing.

Industrial safety and LA transport issues win 100% Journalism Challenge

100% Journalism Winners

100% Journalism WinnersEnergy reporter Joan Gralla and environmental writer Richard Risemberg will split $35,000 in prize money for their innovative total-coverage journalism projects as part of the E&P/Ebyline 100% Journalism Challenge. Gralla, a former Reuters correspondent, will use the funds to commission freelance reporters to investigate industrial accidents in oil refineries. Her experience covering the energy sector indicates that many potentially lethal incidents go under-reported, so the sector is ripe for coverage.
“I discovered that there were many smaller accidents [at refineries] that were going on all the time,” says Gralla, “and if you started looking for patterns you could see that some refineries were more dangerous than others. It would be really helpful to start reporting all of these incidents because they’re a matter of public safety.”

Risemberg, an environmental journalist and advocate, has reported extensively on sustainable development for publications like the L.A. Business Journal. His project focuses on the Port of Los Angeles, the nation’s busiest, and the effects on nearby communities of current plans to expand the port and its transportation infrastructure through which 40% of the nation’s freight moves.

“In a globalized world, the movement of goods is a foundation of prosperity, yet it can have devastating effects on communities and businesses,” said Risemberg. “How this particular region develops will set patterns for a generation to come.”

The winners were chosen from nine qualified finalists by judges Leo Wolinsky, Robert Wallace, and Melanie Sill.

The prize money will be used as a credit on Ebyline to commission original reporting from our database of 2,300 vetted, experienced freelance writers and professionals. We’ll be tracking Joan and Rick’s stories right here on the blog.

Ebyline’s Bill Momary and ProfNet’s Evelyn Tipacti on the freelancer economy


Wondering why brands are using journalists to get their message out? Or how media outlets are turning to freelancers in greater numbers? Join Ebyline chief executive and co-founder Bill Momary for a Twitter chat with ProfNet’s Evelyn Tipacti on Tuesday, Nov. 13, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. EST.

Momary and Tipacti will talk about how the freelancer economy is shifting away from traditional enterprise journalism toward customized content for companies, agencies and government, in addition to news outlets looking to experiment or do temporary projects. At the same time, freelance writers face a host of challenges from getting their first clips to staying on top of their personal brand to becoming fluent in multiple platform and media.

To submit questions for Bill in advance, please email profnetconnect@prnewswire.com or tweet your question to @profnet or @editorev. You can also ask your questions live during the chat using the #connectchat hashtag. Please use that hashtag if you are tweeting a question or participating in the chat. If you can’t make it to the chat, don’t worry—a transcript will be provided on ProfNet Connect the next day and we’ll post a link on our Twitter feed (@ebyline).

Momary was  the vice president of advertising at the Ventura County Star and worked as a regional advertising manager at the Los Angeles Times. ProfNet is a service of PR Newswire that connects journalists with a database of 50,000 topical experts.