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Bill is the CEO/Co-Founder of Ebyline

What This Summer’s Google Penguin 2.0 Update Means For The Market



Marketers have a lot to worry about these days. Building quality content is difficult enough, but sometimes the big problem in an increasingly crowded marketplace is guiding potential customers to that great content. Social media promotion, cross posting to big blogs, and clever advertising campaigns are great ways to get your material out there. But in our modern era of hyper-creative publicity efforts and marketing campaigns, good ole’ fashioned organic search is sometimes overlooked.

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Introducing Newsdesk


Infographic: A history of the wire service


To help celebrate the launch of Ebyline’s News Desk custom wire service we wanted some way to visualize the timeline of journalism innovation. The more we researched the histories of the various big news agencies—AP, Reuters, AFP, UPI—the more apparent it was that the wires have done more to consistently pioneer new models, new technologies and new products than anyone else in the journalism biz.

They seized on the invention of the telegraph to replace steamships and homing pigeons (no kidding), were the first to use radio for news, developed the distribution of stock market quotes that we rely on today and have generally been much more open to improvisation and invention than their clients. Of course, there have been some famous gaffes, rivalries, bankruptcies and indignities.

We’re happy to include the good, the bad and the bizarre in our graphic history of the wires.