The Anatomy Of A Viral Blog Post

Viral Blog Anatomy

Viral Blog AnatomyWhat makes viral content? Is there a secret formula that some content creators have managed to pin down? Even though everyone wants to see their content spread like wildfire through social media networks, there might not be a set recipe for developing a viral blog post. However, there are definitely ways to put content on track towards racking up millions of views. We turned to the experts for guidance.

“Things go viral when they have the unexplainable x-factor,” says Connor Storch, social media associate at Sparxoo, a marketing and branding agency. “Content goes viral because we as humans respond to it in some way.”

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Picking Shareable Images For Social Media: Shutterstock Shares Tips

This image earned more than 50,000 notes on Tumblr.

The Shutterstock Homepage

We’ve all heard “content is king,” and in the social media world imagery is no exception. But what kinds of images get the most attention? To help us solve the mystery, we turned to the visual experts at Shutterstock. Who better to help crack the shareable-image case than an online stock photo shop with 35 million images?

The Shutterstock social media team took a look at some of their most shareable images to help Ebyline figure out what elements make a photo share-worthy.

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