Ebyline Adds Video Uploading Feature for Multimedia Journalists and Digital Newsrooms


Today, we have some exciting news at Ebyline.

When we started Ebyline, we spoke with many editors and freelancers who wanted an easy-to-use system to create and to collaborate on content. We call it the virtual newsroom, and today, we are taking our vision of a digitally-integrated, multimedia environment to the next level with a new feature: Video Uploading.

We created this new feature as a response to what we have been hearing from many editors from many different outlets. Few editors, these days, are confined to just the written word. Now, editors are feeling an increased demand for multimedia assets to accompany their stories. Editors are encouraged to imagine a broader scope of each story they assign and to answer the question: how will this story exist online? With Ebyline’s new Video Uploading feature, we have provided a simple, streamlined solution for editors to create a rich online experience. Imagine the possibilities: Breaking news, intimate interviews, audio pieces, Podcasts. These multimedia story-telling opportunities are now within reach.

For freelance journalists and investigative article writers, Video Uploading opens a wide variety of new opportunities. Now that ubiquitous smart phones and Flipcams have made journos into multimedia journalists, our Video Uploading feature allows freelancers to sell video footage through the Ebyline system. Already, you have probably used our photo uploading feature to send images to an editor. Now with our multimedia uploading feature, you can upload a video or an audio file to your editor, allowing for new opportunities to sell your content. Multimedia uploading is another great way Ebyline can make you money.

We are really excited about Video Uploading, and we hope you are too.

-Allen Narcisse, Co-Founder Ebyline