Can Rawporter make crowdsourced video work?

Rawporter fire

Crowdsourced journalism has had its up and downs over the past few years, with critics ranting about quality issues and evangelists predicting it could be the future of journalism.
A new entry into the market, Charlotte, N.C.-based startup company Rawporter,…

Review: Olympus LS-20 sound/video recorder

Olympus LS-20 recorder

I’ve been anxious to try out the Olympus LS-20 digital recorder and was able to borrow one from a friend. It seems like a good reporting tool since having a video record of interviews can be useful when you need…

How to Conduct Interviews On-Camera


These days, print journalists and freelance writers engage in a variety of multimedia roles. One of the most demanding is video production, which deals with loads of equipment, crews, time and energy. Unlike articles, when a video interview goes badly,…

How Freelance Journalists Can Find Sources Through Better Online Searches


Nowadays, many journalists and investigative content writers do their research online instead of combing through the stacks at a library. However, the volume of online information makes it tricky to find what you need and filter out resources of questionable…

Ebyline Adds Video Uploading Feature for Multimedia Journalists and Digital Newsrooms


Today, we have some exciting news at Ebyline.
When we started Ebyline, we spoke with many editors and freelancers who wanted an easy-to-use system to create and to collaborate on content. We call it the virtual newsroom, and today, we are taking our…