Want To Improve Audience Retention? Create Brand Videos

Want to Improve Audience Retention? Create Videos

Videos are memorable, no question about it. After all, who doesn’t remember the Gangnam Style video? The catchy tune and matching dance moves made it a viral hit. Today, the video has 2.1 billion hits. (Yes, billion with a ‘b’).…

Four Types Of Videos That Boost Brand Awareness

Four Types Of Videos That Boost Brand Awareness

If someone asked you to list the forms content marketing takes, what would you say? Most likely you’d rattle off things like blog posts, feature-length articles and how-to guides. These answers are all correct, but it stands to point out…

Overcome All Obstacles: Tough Mudder’s Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Tough Mudder Marketing

Tough Mudder, the company behind the international series of grueling obstacle courses, has enrolled more than a million challengers in its events. While the teamwork-oriented series has an immediate appeal to many demographics, the social media and internet marketing presence…