Tax Tips For Freelancers


When you become a freelancer, you enter an entirely new world divorced from the W-2 reporting system of income for staff employees.
Welcome to the 1099-form universe. This new realm of paperwork is not daunting if you prepare yourself properly.…

Daily Dose: Everyblock Redesigned, ProPublica’s New Timeline Tech, Cover Letter Tips, AOL Continues Cuts + More News


For today’s serving of stories, we have some tips on new timeline technology and how to write a killer cover letter. Also from the Future of Journalism desk, we have an analysis on Everyblock’s redesign for increased hyperlocalism, and the…

Do’s and Don’ts Of Working With Publicists


Whether you’re covering an event, interviewing a celebrity, or writing a story on a corporation, there will come a time when you have to work with a publicist. While some would argue that a journalist should try to avoid working…

Asking the Right Questions: How To Craft Killer Q&A’s


Q&As are the bread and butter of so many working journalists and investigative article writers, especially in entertainment-related publishing. They can seem deceptively simple: ask and you shall receive, right? And oftentimes the general consensus is that they’re somehow easier or…