Eggers and Klosterman Join ESPN, 242 Most Influential Publications, How to Choose a Domain Name


For today’s media and journalism stories, we have some ruminations on staying classy while increasing SEO, as well as some advice on how to pick a domain name for your outlet. ESPN signs on some high profile names including Dave Eggers and Chuck Klosterman. We learn of some of the most influential publications and article writing services online, and Lara Logan discusses her assault in Egypt.

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Slate Editor Rips SEO Baiting, Then Discusses Slate’s Impressive Increase In Google Search Traffic

David Plotz is not a fan of SEO baiting. And understandably so.

Slate’s editor-in-chief — who recently gave a lecture titled “Celeb Baby Bump: Pregnant Oscar Winner Natalie Portman (PHOTOS) – How to Make Great Web Journalism in an Age of Content Farms, Search Engine Optimization, and Idiotic Celebrity Slideshows” — runs a site that has been producing quality content for 15 years, well before Google changed the game.

In a chat with Advertising Age‘s Simon Dumenco, he worried about the current state of journalism jobs.”

CBS Reporter Recounts ‘Merciless’ Assault in Egypt

“Lara Logan thought she was going to die in Tahrir Square when she was sexually assaulted by a mob on the night that Hosni Mubarak’s government fell in Cairo.”

How to Choose a Domain Name

“So you’re all set. You have the concept for your web property and you’re ready to build. There is just one more thing, the domain name. Seems pretty strait forward doesn’t it? You just call it your company name. What if your company name is Acidophilus Research Incorporated or you don’t have a company?”

List of the 242 most influential publications in the world

Nate Silver, the political statistician extraordinaire, has turned his attention to publishing. His interest is honed by the fact that his blog is now hosted on the New York Times, which is currently implementing a paywall.

He has done an analysis of the most influential publications, consisting of a simple review of how frequently publications’ names appear in Google News and Google Blogs followed by the word “reported”, to give a representative sample of how often publications are quoted by others.”

All-Star Roster of Writers and Editors to Join New ESPN Web Site

“Consulting editors to the site will include:

  • Chuck Klosterman, a best-selling author of books, a former columnist for Spin,Esquire and, and a feature writer for New York Times Magazine, EsquireGQand Spin. Chuck will be writing about sports and culture exclusively for;
  • Malcolm Gladwell, the international best-selling author of The Tipping Point, Blink andOutliers and a feature writer for The New Yorker since 1996;
  • Dave Eggers, founder and editor of the independent publishing house McSweeney’s and bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize finalist for his memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.”

5 Tips for New Authors, Slate Redesigns, Jay Rosen Reflects on 25 Years of Teaching Journalism


For today’s media and writing roundup, we have a bit of a dialectic between professor Jay Rosen and journo trainer Steve Buttry about the practice and business of journalism and copywriting services. We also have a pair of pieces from about new changes at Slate and McClatchy. Finally, we have an author who reflects on the process of writing books.

It’s all the news fit to blog at Ebyline’s Daily Dose.

What I Think I Know About Journalism

Jay Rosen: “Next month I will have taught journalism at New York University for 25 years, an occasion that has led me to reflect on what I have tried to profess in that time.”

The 5 W’s (and How) are even more important to business than to journalism

“Jay Rosen wrote a thoughtful blog post, What I think I know about journalism, that summarized succinctly many things Jay has been writing and saying about journalism into four clear principles. He inspired me to do the same with my thoughts about the news business. So this is what I think I know about the business of journalism.”

Faced With Declines, McClatchy Weighs Digital Subscriptions

“The newspaper industry continues to take a major hit as reflected by earnings reported on Tuesday by The McClatchy Company, the parent company to newspapers like The Kansas City Star, The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald. The latter publications were nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news for their coverage of the Haiti earthquake this year.”

Slate rethinks aggregation (again) with a Slatest redesign

Slate was arguably the first major news site to care about aggregation, starting back in 1996, when we only thought we suffered from information overload. (They didn’t even call it “aggregation” yet. It was “meta-news.”) What started with In Other Magazines — a weekly roundup for people with no time for Time and Newsweek — evolved into Today’s Papers, a hugely popular feature that ran every morning until its retirement in 2009.”

Five Things I Wish I Had Known When I Published My First Book

“The challenge of launching this novel is how to benefit from my past experience while still learning as I go forward.  Every new book, every new launch has its own personality, its own blessing and challenges.”