How Google’s Recent Changes Affect the Online Content World


There’s been a sea change in the world of search-engine optimization in the past year, thanks to Google.
In February 2011, Google changed its “Panda” search algorithm to penalize sites that focused on low-quality, poorly researched content. “Content farms” that…

How Freelance Journalists Can Use Facebook’s New ‘Subscribe’ Button


When it comes to breaking news, Facebook has got nothin’ on Twitter. Twitter’s rapid fire interface, and news ticker feel makes it the perfect place to get up to the second updates on what’s happening in your world and beyond.…

Best Foot Forward: How Freelance Writers Can Make Unforgettable Introductions to Editors


As a new freelancer, you may be more concerned with getting your first clips than developing ongoing relationships with editors. Just keep in mind that everything you do from your first contact with an editor will make an impression, good…

Should U.S. Freelancers Be Worried About Competition Overseas?


Like typewriters and evening deadlines, many of the staples of print journalism have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Stories are now uploaded, optimized, tagged and tweeted on a never-ending news cycle. With 266+ million website out there, the demand…

How Freelance Writers Can Tweet Better


To tweet or not to tweet? It’s not longer a question for freelancers. If you want your articles read by the maximum number of people, you need to be promoting your articles through Twitter. Not only are you getting your…