How Freelance Writers Can Make Money and Connections Through Social Media


Keeping up with all of your social media networks can feel a bit like spinning plates. Are you tweeting enough? Are you engaging Facebook readers? Can you even figure out how to use Google+?
Freelance writers put a lot of…

6 Tips to Create Regular Freelance Writing Clients


Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It’s a business axiom that means that 80 percent of your work and your income is produced by just 20 percent of your clients. The remainder of your money comes from the rest…

What Happens to Your Articles When a Magazine Closes Down?


You’ve been writing for this publication for what seems like ages. You’re all comfortable and cozy in the relationship. You have a great rapport with the editor who gives you plum assignments.
Soul satisfying image, isn’t it.  Wait for it…Then…

Why Freelance Writers Should Learn to Write Sales Letters


Like it or not, being a freelance writer takes a lot of sales skills. Whether you’re pitching an article to an editor or trying to convince a publisher to pick up your column, freelance writers are selling a product. Sean…

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a New Assignment

You’ve just landed an assignment from a new-to-you editor. Congrats! Pat yourself on the back, do a little happy dance, bust out the champagne, whatever you do to celebrate. But before you dive into the writing, there are a few…