Picking Shareable Images For Social Media: Shutterstock Shares Tips

This image earned more than 50,000 notes on Tumblr.

We’ve all heard “content is king,” and in the social media world imagery is no exception. But what kinds of images get the most attention? To help us solve the mystery, we turned to the visual experts at Shutterstock. Who better…

Can Rawporter make crowdsourced video work?

Rawporter fire

Crowdsourced journalism has had its up and downs over the past few years, with critics ranting about quality issues and evangelists predicting it could be the future of journalism.
A new entry into the market, Charlotte, N.C.-based startup company Rawporter,…

Tech Review: Canon 60D DSLR, a Good Choice for Reporters

Cannon camera

Over the past couple years, I’ve stepped up my photography skills and equipment so I can use them to generate another revenue stream. Photography is a great adjunct for freelance writers since it can be done while reporting, or researching…

Shooting Photographs in JPEG vs RAW


Today’s digital cameras have a lot of picture quality options. Most settings are designed to be web-friendly and take up less space on your storage card. But if you’re looking to sell photographs with your story and copywriting services, you’ll…

How Freelance Writers Can Take Their Photography Skills to the Next Level


Journalism is largely driven by opportunity, which is why you should always carry a camera. Your photographs may end up being the only documentation available for your story or for some random, newsworthy event that you may stumble upon while…