Why Brands Should Publish Content On LinkedIn

Why Brands Should Use LinkedIn

You already write blog posts, manage your social media feeds and create email campaigns, but should brands add publishing content to LinkedIn to the to-do list?
LinkedIn rolled out a new blog-like publishing feature in February. Brands can create and publish…

Manage Social Media Posts With Hootsuite To Reclaim Wasted Time

Hootsuite Streams

How many social media platforms does your brand use? If you’re using more than one, it might be worth your time to employ a social media management tool. There are several to choose from including Hootsuite, TweetDeck and Sprout Social.
What’s so great…

What subscriptions do freelancers actually pay for?

Premium Memberships for Freelancers

When it comes to business-related subscription services, freelance journalists occupy a sort of purgatory: their needs are greater than that of typical individuals who have little reason to splurge on subscription software and databases but they’re not flush like large…

Embedding journalism everywhere: 5 reporters rewriting the career path

If the web makes everyone a publisher, doesn’t everyone need journalism? That’s the proposal that media pundit Jeff Jarvis made in April, toying with the idea of embedding journalists, and especially the processes and values of journalism, in organizations that…