How Shoplet Uses Product Reviews To Boost Sales Figures

Shoplet Product Review Success

Shoplet Product Review SuccessWord of mouth has always been a great sales tool, and the model has made a smooth transition into the digital world. One example is the wealth of user reviews on product pages hosted by major retailers like Amazon, but that doesn’t necessarily extend their off-site marketing reach.

However, getting those reviews out on external sites can make a major difference in inbound traffic. Companies like Shoplet, an online office supply store, have adapted this trend and implemented their own successful product review program as part of its overall content marketing strategy.

We asked one of the Shoplet’s marketers, Diana Regal, to explain how and why this content marketing tactic works for the company.

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Inbound Marketing Generates $3.4MM For A Surprising Candidate

Fisher Tank Company Generated $3.4MM in Leads

Fisher Tank Company Generated $3.4MM in LeadsAre you in the market for an enormous, industrial capacity, steel septic tank? It’s an odd question, we know, but it was one Wisconsin-based marketing firm, Weidert Group, had to answer for a client. The company was tasked with building an inbound marketing strategy for Fisher Tank, a company that sells steel tanks to waste treatment facilities and other industries like bio diesel and oil refineries.

Since 1948,  Fisher Tank had sold its products primarily by cold calling or word of mouth, so the idea of bringing qualified leads to the sales team through inbound marketing was an appealing change to the existing strategy, says Frank Isca, senior inbound marketing consultant at Weidert Group. But that’s not to say there weren’t a few skeptics.

Could inbound marketing really help Fisher Tank sell their product to a niche audience?

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Newsjacking: Using The News To Build Publicity

Mitch Jackson on Phone Taps

Newsjacking: Using The News To Build PublicityThe marketing world is a constant battle for attention, and you work hard to create campaigns that will get your business or brand noticed and remembered. But marketing and sales strategist David Meerman Scott says marketers have another tool at their disposal that can minimize this need to compete for readers.

What is it? Newsjacking. When a marketer injects the ideas and expertise of their business into a breaking news story, that’s newsjacking. You can quickly present advice, opinions, or a different take on a popular or high-profile story. The result can lead to free publicity from local or national news stations or, at the very least, a boost in your website traffic.

So, how do you turn this concept into practice? Scott, who literally wrote the book on newsjacking, walked Ebyline through the process. He also provided the helpful graphic below for quick reference.

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Brand Journalists: Going Corporate With Traditional Journalism

Why Companies Are Hiring Brand Journalists

Why Companies Are Hiring Brand Journalists

Brand journalists are increasingly popular in the content marketing world, but what’s the real deal behind this position? How can a brand journalist improve your marketing strategy?

We set out to get some answers. With the help of Ann Handley from MarketingProfs, a popular resource for online marketers, we broke down what brand journalists do and put together some examples of their work.

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Keeping Up With Inbound Marketing: An Interview With HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe

Keeping Up With Inbound Marketing: An Interview With HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe

Keeping Up With Inbound Marketing: An Interview With HubSpot CMO Mike VolpeOnline content continues to rapidly expand, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest research. So what are some of the strategies and tools that can help content marketers succeed today?

Ebyline turned to Mike Volpe, the chief marketing officer at marketing software maker HubSpot, to answer these questions. Mike has been an integral part growing inbound marketing and is an expert on the state of digital content today. Read what he had to say about what tools and approaches show promise.

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