When Open Government And Big Data Collide

Big Data

Not long ago, journalists who sought to dive deep into government data usually started their investigation with a trip to the local library. Interested in information that government officials want to keep secret? Americans needed to pass laws to make…

The smart advice on how to be a travel writer: think close to home

Kingsport Church Circle

Freelancers who dream of writing about travel are lured by the dream of having big-name publications such as Travel + Leisure paying them to take multi-week vacations to exotic locales where they’ll bask in lavish accommodations. If this you, and…

#Journo100 Finalist: Masada Siegel and the power of positive journalism

Courtesy of Masada Siegel

To highlight the wide diversity of journalism innovation projects proposed by our 100% Journalism finalists, we’re running short Q & As with our ten finalists. 
When the twin towers fell on September 11th, 2001, Masada Siegel watched in horror from…

Being a Writer versus Writing

being a writer

“I wish I had your life!” I hear it as I run into a friend on my way to a media dinner. They imagine a glamorous life of being wined and dined.
I usually reply “And I wish I had…

John Soares on Finding a Freelance Niche


John Soares has been a professional freelance writer since the early 1990s. He started as an outdoors writer before expanding into his main niche: freelance writing for higher education companies. He writes the Productive Writers blog, and he’s the author…