5 Tips for Freelance Writers to Break into New Markets and Connect with Editors


Successful freelance writers share common work habits. Two of the most important are: They’re always busy. They’re obsessively searching for new markets.
Juggling these two activities is not easy, especially when the writer is immersed in difficult assignments or facing…

How the Economic Downturn Will Affect the News Business


Financial meltdown! It’s the headline blaring across newspapers, blogs, and media outlets around the world. The economic turmoil has many people–from business execs to everyday citizens– shaking in their proverbial boots. But how will the frenzied market affect the news…

Should U.S. Freelancers Be Worried About Competition Overseas?


Like typewriters and evening deadlines, many of the staples of print journalism have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Stories are now uploaded, optimized, tagged and tweeted on a never-ending news cycle. With 266+ million website out there, the demand…

Is Negative Thinking Sabotaging Your Freelance Writing Career?


Are you sabotaging your own freelance career? According to Lexi Rodrigo at Freelance Folder, your own mindset could be leading to your own setbacks in your career as freelance writer. She ruminates on her own life and how negative thinking…

How to Diversify, Expand, and Broaden Your Freelance Writing Career


Diversify, expand, and broaden. Do you notice that? Three different ways to say the same thing. Diversification is the antithesis of redundancy and the lifeblood of good prose, and so it is for freelance writers. Go ahead, don’t be afraid…