Are Writers’ Conferences Worth It?


Last week I attended the American Society of Journalists and Authors annual conference. Writers tend to be solitary creatures, so conferences can help us come out of hibernation and meet liked-minded souls. But here are they worth the time and…

Woodward & Bernstein Talk 21st Century Investigative Journalism, AP Strikes a Temporary Labor Truce, and Jeff Jarvis Talks Tough on News


For today’s buffet of media news, we have a behind the scenes look at NBC’s Brian Williams, who can crack a joke and break a story at the same time. We also have Jeff Jarvis’ piece on how to save…

5 Main Differences Between Employees and Freelancers


The flexibility of freelancing is appealing to a lot of people, but I don’t think many fully understand what that means until they’re actually doing it. Here are five major differences to consider before making the switch from cubicle-dweller to…

How To Make Your Pitches Perfect


As a freelance writer, you have to be a strong salesperson. Maybe the strongest salesperson of all—because you are selling yourself. When pitching an editor, you need to sell not only your story idea, but yourself and your work.

From Coffee Shop To Office: Professionalizing a Highly Caffeinated Environment


One of the first thing you’ll realize as a freelancer is that home and work oftentimes don’t mix. Of course, you’ll try to make yourself a productive writer at the homestead — and for the rare few this is a…