5 Skills That Make Freelance Writers More Marketable


Gone are the days when simply being a strong writer was enough to earn a living. Nowadays, many editors and clients expect freelancers to have skills beyond writing a snappy headline or a poignant turn of phrase.
Here are five…

5 Essential Components of a Freelance Contract

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Freelancers, repeat after me: “I will not work without a contract.” It’s a simple mantra, yet so many of us don’t follow it. I know this, because I learned it … the hard way. Contracts don’t just protect the client’s…

Ebyline Adds Video Uploading Feature for Multimedia Journalists and Digital Newsrooms


Today, we have some exciting news at Ebyline.
When we started Ebyline, we spoke with many editors and freelancers who wanted an easy-to-use system to create and to collaborate on content. We call it the virtual newsroom, and today, we are taking our…

Top 5 Tax Write-Offs and Deductions for Freelancers


When you are a freelancer every cent counts, especially when it’s going towards tax payments. Knowing which expenses are deductible and which aren’t can mean the difference between owing the IRS money and getting a juicy refund.
The trouble is…

The Benefits of Coworking


Freelancing is a beautiful thing. There’s the short commute from bed to home office. The home-brewed coffee. The casual dress code. The flexibility.
The crushing loneliness.
You heard me right. After the initial glow of being able to work in…