5 Habits of Highly Effective Content Managers

Effective Habits of Content Managers

There are thousands of people who create and maintain content, but there’s a much smaller group of content managers who are highly effective. These content superheroes can write killer stories, capture the attention of an audience, maintain a tight editorial calendar and build…

7 Ways To Build Better Editor-Freelancer Relationships

Building Better Relationships

As an editor, you want to distribute assignments, receive quality work on schedule, and keep your content stream flowing. To stay on track, you’ll want to find freelancers who can provide exactly what you need. While this may not appear challenging on the…

Fashion Site ModCloth’s 4 Tips For Better Blog Content

ModCloth's Rebecca Brown on Timely Content

What kind of content is on your blog? Do you work to create timely, relevant  material for your audience, or is your focus on evergreen posts? How-to articles and top 10 lists are great, but the best posts show that your…