5 Habits of Highly Effective Content Managers

Effective Habits of Content Managers

Effective Habits of Content ManagersThere are thousands of people who create and maintain content, but there’s a much smaller group of content managers who are highly effective. These content superheroes can write killer storiescapture the attention of an audiencemaintain a tight editorial calendar and build an audience that craves more – all without sporting a red cape.

How do they do it? Are they eating Wheaties? Staying away from kryptonite?

The truth? Highly effective content managers tend to have several non-negotiable habits that keep their talent and content sharp. With the help of two content managers, Kari DePhillips, the owner of The Content Factory, and Sarah Maloy, Shutterstock’s content marketing manager, we’ve decoded a list of habits that highly effective content creators and managers have.

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7 Ways To Build Better Editor-Freelancer Relationships

Building Better Relationships

Building Better RelationshipsAs an editor, you want to distribute assignments, receive quality work on schedule, and keep your content stream flowing. To stay on track, you’ll want to find freelancers who can provide exactly what you need. While this may not appear challenging on the surface, there are a few best practices that can help you build the strongest editor-freelancer relationship possible.

Now that most assignments are doled out via email, deadlines are tighter, and there is an increasingly competitive pool of writing talent, expectations for quality are higher than ever. So how can an editor and a writer, two people who sometimes never meet face-to-face, create compelling content together? The answer is good communication.

To help you narrow down the most effective ways to interact with freelancers, we’ve asked two content experts to offer some insider tips.

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Fashion Site ModCloth’s 4 Tips For Better Blog Content

ModCloth's Rebecca Brown on Timely Content

ModCloth's Rebecca Brown on Timely ContentWhat kind of content is on your blog? Do you work to create timely, relevant  material for your audience, or is your focus on evergreen posts? How-to articles and top 10 lists are great, but the best posts show that your brand is current and on top of trends.

To help every brand write better blog content, Ebyline asked the fashion divas at ModCloth for a few tips. ModCloth, a women’s fashion e-tailer that brought in $100 million in revenue in 2012, is known for its in-the-moment fashion coverage. From hot Derby Day looks to fashion hits for a spring wedding, the writing team knows how to generate well-timed pieces.

Rebecca Brown, ModCloth’s editorial manager, offers some insight into their content creation along with some tips to keep your blog up to date.

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