Use Social Media Contests To Bring In User-Generated Content

Social Media Contests That Bring in User-Generated Conten

Social Media Contests That Bring in User-Generated ContenNow more than ever, brands are reaping big rewards by hosting social media contests. Contests build buzz, get fans engaged, establish a rapport and – if done correctly – can result in user-generated content that be used in future marketing efforts.

We have a list of social media contests that can bring in a bunch of that user-generated content. These real-life examples increased engagement and as a result created marketing materials that can be used for years to come.

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This Week’s Headlines: Curator’s Code, New Republic Gets New EIC

The big stories this week in media and publishing show the continuing evolution of online copyright law and best practices, as well as the relevance of new technology like livestreaming and smart phones in reporting on international affairs.