5 Free Ways To Generate Publicity For Your Brand

Generate Publicity

Generate PublicityWant to generate some buzz about your brand? Who would say no to that? Well, look no further, because we found five ways to generate free publicity.

While all of these options are free to use, which is great for your bottom line, they can require a little time and manpower. But if you can spare a few hours, these options can get people talking about your brand.

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Finding Your Brand’s Best Stories: A Lesson From Pizza Hut

Finding Your Brand's Best Stories

Finding Your Brand's Best StoriesThe right feel-good story can inspire readers, reflect positively on your brand, and bring customers to your pages in droves. But finding the perfect brand story and fostering its growth requires the right approach. Take a recent story from Pizza Hut, for example.

Last October, a man eating alone at Pizza Hut noticed a single mom dining with her two children. He was so moved by the mother’s parenting skills and interaction with her kids that he paid for the family’s dinner and left the mom a three-page note.

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