Why Journalists Should Have a Blog

starting a blog

As journalists, we create content for our clients daily, writing for an audience (and often, multiple audiences) that are not our own. When a contract runs dry, or you find the time to take on another gig, journalists gather clips…

The Writer’s Guide to Pinterest

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Lately we’ve heard a ton of buzz about online pinboard Pinterest: how it recently hit 10 million U.S. monthly uniques and how savvy brands and publishers are using the site for content marketing. And yes, there’s been some backlash over…

5 Tips for Social Media Ghosts

social media

Recently, I received a link to a local organization’s new website and sent them an email complimenting their new look. “You should have a blog too,” I commented.
“Can you come in and give us a proposal?”
But before…

Jane Boursaw on Building a Successful Niche Blog

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TV and movie critic Jane Boursaw has written for an impressive array of publications including Parade, USA Weekend, and The New York Times, and has recently shifted her focus to syndicating her Reel Life With Jane column (which is now…

James Chartrand on Creating Killer Content

Headshot of James Chartrand

James Chartrand made headlines in 2009 when she outed herself as a woman writing under a pen name. News about the thirty-something copywriter from Canada appeared in Newsweek, Huffingpost Post, and numerous other media outlets. Of course, she’s also known…