6 Lessons From A Content Empire: Meet Copyblogger

Statue Reading

Statue ReadingHave you ever wanted to be the absolute authority in your field? You define the knowledge base. Your voice. Your style. Your ways of sharing. These are the qualities that keep audiences coming back time and again.

But there’s a gap between sharing your voice – starting a blog – and building a following that will help you become that go-to destination you dream of being.

Anyone who’s earned that go-to status has been right where you are today: wanting to reach the top. So why don’t we take a lesson (or six) from one of today’s go-to giants to help you along your path?

Copyblogger began back in 2006. Founder Brian Clark’s initial goals were to share the knowledge he had about how sharing information online worked, and in the process, build an audience and create a sustainable living. Eight years later, Copyblogger has become Copyblogger Media, a multi-million dollar company that’s the go-to for everything and anything related to content marketing. I sat down with Brian and asked him to share his six never-forget pieces of wisdom about building a content empire.

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Use The “Five Ws” To Build Your Content Strategy

The 5 Ws of Content Strategy

The 5 Ws of Content StrategyYou know that blog that you love, or that online magazine that keeps you coming back for more? If you’re craving more posts to read, there’s a reason. The content creators have a strategy in place to lure you in like a siren’s song.

If your brand is producing content, you need a strategy to guide it, too. A strategy is more than creating a set number of blog articles a week; it’s about having a goal-oriented, actionable plan that inspires readers to engage with your brand.

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Fashion Site ModCloth’s 4 Tips For Better Blog Content

ModCloth's Rebecca Brown on Timely Content

ModCloth's Rebecca Brown on Timely ContentWhat kind of content is on your blog? Do you work to create timely, relevant  material for your audience, or is your focus on evergreen posts? How-to articles and top 10 lists are great, but the best posts show that your brand is current and on top of trends.

To help every brand write better blog content, Ebyline asked the fashion divas at ModCloth for a few tips. ModCloth, a women’s fashion e-tailer that brought in $100 million in revenue in 2012, is known for its in-the-moment fashion coverage. From hot Derby Day looks to fashion hits for a spring wedding, the writing team knows how to generate well-timed pieces.

Rebecca Brown, ModCloth’s editorial manager, offers some insight into their content creation along with some tips to keep your blog up to date.

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