Freelance Writing Rates: A Guide To Help You Set Prices In 2015

Freelance Writing Rates: A Guide To Help You Set Fair Prices in 2015

As we kick off 2015, it’s a good time to take a look at what’s ahead. Content marketing has become the go-to marketing tool for brands big and small, and it looks like that trend will only increase in the coming year. As demand increases, so does … [Continue reading]

4 Tools That Make Content Creation A Breeze

4 Tools that Make Content Creation A Breeze

Creating high quality content for a brand takes time and talent. No one knows that better than Amy Fitzgerald, a content marketing writer who helps two wedding-based brands, Ever After and Chapel of the Flowers, create content that converts viewers … [Continue reading]

What Marketers Can Learn From The Evolution Of Care Bears & Strawberry Shortcake

What Marketers Can Learn From The Evolution of Care Bears & Strawberry Shortcake

Every adult remembers getting the toy of their dreams, whether it was a Barbie, Nintendo, Mr. Potato Head, Etch A Sketch or a Care Bear. You ripped that present open, held it up, did a little dance and started playing with it without opening another … [Continue reading]

Want To Improve Audience Retention? Create Brand Videos

Want to Improve Audience Retention? Create Videos

Videos are memorable, no question about it. After all, who doesn’t remember the Gangnam Style video? The catchy tune and matching dance moves made it a viral hit. Today, the video has 2.1 billion hits. (Yes, billion with a ‘b’). Super Bowl ads, cat … [Continue reading]

Use Social Media Contests To Bring In User-Generated Content

Social Media Contests That Bring in User-Generated Conten

Now more than ever, brands are reaping big rewards by hosting social media contests. Contests build buzz, get fans engaged, establish a rapport and – if done correctly – can result in user-generated content that be used in future marketing … [Continue reading]