From Idea to Real Business


We have discussed becoming a publisher (sales) and reaching the intended public (marketing) for your new venture as an entrepreneurial journalist, and now it’s time to get down to the fun part: making your idea a real business entity. There is a … [Continue reading]

Google Takes on Content Farms


Yesterday, Google announced that they have tweaked their search algorithm to “reduce rankings for low-quality sites” and increase visibility for search results “with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful … [Continue reading]

From Coffee Shop To Office: Professionalizing a Highly Caffeinated Environment


One of the first thing you'll realize as a freelancer is that home and work oftentimes don't mix. Of course, you'll try to make yourself a productive writer at the homestead — and for the rare few this is a doable — but oftentimes the amount of … [Continue reading]

Defining Your Market

Credit: Lee Russell, 1936

  Rule number one in journalism and mass communication: know your audience. The business equivalent: know your market. Defining your market is interesting for an entrepreneurial journalist because, supposing that you’re launching a blog … [Continue reading]

Ebyline Has A New Look

Ebyline Home Page

Today, we launched a redesigned look and feel for Ebyline, which includes the public debut of the blog that you're currently reading, written by our very own content writers! The goal behind the new format is to more directly communicate the many … [Continue reading]