AOL-Huffington Slash 900 Jobs


AOL CEO Tim Armstrong announced yesterday that the company will cut 900 jobs as part of the company's reorganization. Wired reports that cuts will include 200 editorial staffers from U.S. offices and about 700 workers in India. The massive layoffs … [Continue reading]

Asking the Right Questions: How To Craft Killer Q&A’s


Q&As are the bread and butter of so many working journalists and investigative article writers, especially in entertainment-related publishing. They can seem deceptively simple: ask and you shall receive, right? And oftentimes the general … [Continue reading]

How To Make Your Pitches Perfect


As a freelance writer, you have to be a strong salesperson. Maybe the strongest salesperson of all—because you are selling yourself. When pitching an editor, you need to sell not only your story idea, but yourself and your work. Editors are often … [Continue reading]

Streamlining Your Digital Identity

Image from the collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

What's in a name? Everything. Yes, it's that age-old adage again, but for freelance writers and journalists in this internet era, your name really is everything. It is your identity, business, brand, and life. In just a few quick keystrokes, … [Continue reading]

How Journalists Get Paid Today


                            Jeremy Adam Smith has a point. "Very few of us become journalists so that we can write product reviews, … [Continue reading]