Daily Dose: Should You Start an LLC? What is a Community Manager? What Papers Have Paywalls?

Majory Collins

For today's top five stories of the day, we take a look at business strategies for big companies and DIY outfits. From the New York Times to your own small business, we investigate some media survival tactics. We also learn of some foreign … [Continue reading]

Daily Dose: HuffPost Writers to Strike? Demand Driving Content? + More


Today, we would like to introduce you to the Daily Dose, EByline's daily update of  five stories from across the web that are worthy of discussion in newsrooms, copywriting services, and cocktail parties. Let us know what you think in the comments, … [Continue reading]

Ebyline Partners With Internet Broadcasting, Adds 300+ More Freelancers


We have some exciting news here at Ebyline.  Today, we announced our new partnership with Internet Broadcasting and Los Angeles Times Media Group, which will add approximately 300 new, experienced freelancers to Ebyline's network. Jeff Kimball, … [Continue reading]

Writing For The College Crowd


There are about 18.2 million students enrolled in college in the United States (according to the National Center for Education Statistics), and most of them know how to read (we hope). That means there are millions of college students who could enjoy … [Continue reading]

How to Pitch a Book (And Sell It Too)


It's very cold out there. The book-publishing environment is positively frigid, although not frozen solid by any means. You've probably heard the bad news. Borders, long the sick man of booksellers, declared bankruptcy and closed one-third of its … [Continue reading]