How To Publish a Successful Guest Blog


If you’re looking for more avenues to expand your reach and grow awareness of your brand online, while continuing to build a deep library of quality content, guest blogging may be for you. Guest posts on well-read blogs are often…

Evaluate Your Content Writer in 6 Easy Steps


Are you keeping an eye on your content writer’s work?
Somewhere along the way, the importance of having a great writer on board became overshadowed by other positions of significance in the workplace. Sales Persons, Human Resource Managers, Controllers, Web…

#Realtalk from Ann Friedman: Editors are your most important relationship

Ann Friedman

Ann Friedman was executive editor of GOOD until last summer, when GOOD’s cofounders famously laid off the site’s editorial staff. Friedman and several other former GOOD staffers launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Tomorrow, a collaborative journalism project to create…

How Sports Psychology Helps Freelance Writers

soccer player

Sport psychology methodology is an invaluable tool for freelance writers. I incorporate the mindset of sport psychology into workload periods of feast or famine. My mental edge comes from a basic tenet of sport psychology: Mental Toughness.
The mentally tough…

5 Skills That Make Freelance Writers More Marketable


Gone are the days when simply being a strong writer was enough to earn a living. Nowadays, many editors and clients expect freelancers to have skills beyond writing a snappy headline or a poignant turn of phrase.
Here are five…