Picking Shareable Images For Social Media: Shutterstock Shares Tips

This image earned more than 50,000 notes on Tumblr.

The Shutterstock Homepage

We’ve all heard “content is king,” and in the social media world imagery is no exception. But what kinds of images get the most attention? To help us solve the mystery, we turned to the visual experts at Shutterstock. Who better to help crack the shareable-image case than an online stock photo shop with 35 million images?

The Shutterstock social media team took a look at some of their most shareable images to help Ebyline figure out what elements make a photo share-worthy.

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What’s The Most Shareable Social Media Content?


Shareable Content

Social media has introduced the world to a whole new way of communicating. Think about it: ten years ago you couldn’t stalk your ex-boyfriend’s Facebook page or share videos that once belonged on David Letterman’s “Stupid Human Tricks.”
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How Yoplait’s #TasteOff Led To User-Generated Marketing Success


Friendly Competition

Yoplait is using an unconventional marketing strategy in its latest national campaign—it’s holding a taste-off, encouraging consumers to try Yoplait Greek blueberry yogurt and compare it to Greek-style blueberry yogurt from Chobani, a competitor. (How unconventional?) What’s not so strange is that Yoplait is getting consumers involved by asking them to post what they think of the two yogurts on social media using a hashtag: #TasteOff.
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How TV Chef Robert Irvine Cooks On Social Media

Social Cooking

Social Cooking

Chef Robert Irvine and His Team Understand the Power of Social Media.

The Food Network star, who hosts several shows, including “Restaurant Impossible,” earlier this year visited Pinehurst Country Lodge in Greeley, Pa., to give the restaurant a makeover and help its owners get out of $350,000 in debt. As part of each RI mission, Irvine comes up with a marketing strategy to encourage locals to check out the restaurant he’s working on. When a local TV station declined to do a story on the Pinehurst Irvine had one of his camera men shoot and edit a commercial and posted it to YouTube.
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How To Link Content And Social Media Strategies

Link Content To Social

Content Links

Plenty of brand publishers produce rock star content and trendy social media messages, but it’s less common to see the two forces joined together in a one-two marketing punch.

A recent Forbes article predicts content marketing and social media will dominate the marketing world in 2014, so it’s time to figure out ways to combine the two.
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