Everything You Should Know About Google My Business

Google My Business

Google My BusinessHow do you create brand recognition? Your answer probably involves a list of techniques that range from native advertising to social media promotions, but there’s one tool in the digital world that marketers are hailing as the new wave of online brand recognition: Google My Business. [Read more...]

4 Of The Biggest Big Brand Blunders On Social Media

Big Brand Social Media Mistakes

Big Brand Social Media MistakesWhether you’re a company of one or one hundred, managing your social media reputation is an important part of daily upkeep. From the old faithful sites of Facebook and Twitter to newer sites like Pinterest and Instagram, there’s a lot to of outbound messaging to juggle.

And it’s not always an easy job. Plenty of major brands have made slipups while trying to be social. To make sure your social media act gets rave reviews, we’ve put together a list of social media blunders so you can avoid the same pitfalls.

To help provide further commentary, we asked two social media managers, Natalie Bidnick, who works for a public relations firm, and Kristen Marquis, who runs her own online marketing company, to help us sift through some social media mistakes and extract some take-home lessons.

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#FacebookFit: Small Businesses and Social Media Success

The #FacebookFit Panel

The #FacebookFit PanelSocial media behemoth Facebook kicked off a national tour of conferences catering to small businesses on June 3 in New York City. The event, called Facebook Fit, featured a panel of four small business folks who currently use Facebook for marketing-related purposes. Though the tour is ultimately a push to get more small businesses to sign up for Facebook advertising, the contributors had some useful input regarding the use of the social media channel.

The panel was moderated by USA Today columnist Rhonda Abrams and featured four panelists. Emmanuel Peña is the co-owner at Astor Row Café on Lenox Avenue in Harlem; Jacqueline Donovan is a marketing executive at the speciality grocery store Fairway Market; Tavy Ronen is co-owner of The Yarn Company, a high-end yarn shop; and Alexandra Barber is a digital marketer at the not-for-profit Roundabout Theatre Company. Here’s what they had to say about the role Facebook plays in their businesses. [Read more...]

Brand Presence On Instagram: A Lesson From Starbucks

Starbucks Gets Artsy With Photos

Brands On Instagram: Lessons From StarbucksEvery brand has a story, and every social media platform is different. So how do you tell that story and tailor it to a channel like Instagram?

To find the answer, Ebyline turned to the one of the most successful brands on Instagram, Starbucks. With 2.5 million followers, they’re the second most popular brand on Instagram, and Starbucks has a true knack for telling its story on the visually appealing social media site (for those wondering who’s in first, Nike holds the top spot, according to Nitrogram, a company that tracks the top 150 brands on the Instagram).

We asked Starbucks to share a few of its storytelling tips to help us navigate the Instagram landscape.

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Finding Your Brand’s Best Stories: A Lesson From Pizza Hut

Finding Your Brand's Best Stories

Finding Your Brand's Best StoriesThe right feel-good story can inspire readers, reflect positively on your brand, and bring customers to your pages in droves. But finding the perfect brand story and fostering its growth requires the right approach. Take a recent story from Pizza Hut, for example.

Last October, a man eating alone at Pizza Hut noticed a single mom dining with her two children. He was so moved by the mother’s parenting skills and interaction with her kids that he paid for the family’s dinner and left the mom a three-page note.

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