What This Summer’s Google Penguin 2.0 Update Means For The Market



Marketers have a lot to worry about these days. Building quality content is difficult enough, but sometimes the big problem in an increasingly crowded marketplace is guiding potential customers to that great content. Social media promotion, cross posting to big blogs, and clever advertising campaigns are great ways to get your material out there. But in our modern era of hyper-creative publicity efforts and marketing campaigns, good ole’ fashioned organic search is sometimes overlooked.

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Ebyline Has A New Look

Ebyline Home Page

Today, we launched a redesigned look and feel for Ebyline, which includes the public debut of the blog that you’re currently reading, written by our very own content writers!

The goal behind the new format is to more directly communicate the many benefits that Ebyline’s software and services provide newsrooms and professional freelancers, including saving time, increasing connections, and growing profitability. Check out our video, which provides a great introduction for how Ebyline can help news content publishers.

- Ebyline Team