5 Concepts for Better Photos


For folks unused to photography, letting the camera make the decisions seems the best way to ensure a decent photograph. If that were so, cameras would be even more popular than they are now. Improving your photography skills starts with…

Photographs as Verbs and Adjectives

Richard Csoltko's salute at a Memorial Day observance gave me an action to illustrate the event.

For most of my career as a writer, I aimed for sentences so descriptive the reader could visualize the scene. That changed with the advent of blogging and online content writers. Suddenly I was also responsible for art: either finding…

How Freelance Writers Can Take Their Photography Skills to the Next Level


Journalism is largely driven by opportunity, which is why you should always carry a camera. Your photographs may end up being the only documentation available for your story or for some random, newsworthy event that you may stumble upon while…

How to Pitch Podcasts, Slideshows and Multimedia Packages


One way to generate more income as a freelance writer is to pitch a package to potential clients. Instead of only pitching an article, throw in a podcast, slideshow, and/or video. But don’t give it away, and charge more if…

Ebyline Adds Video Uploading Feature for Multimedia Journalists and Digital Newsrooms


Today, we have some exciting news at Ebyline.
When we started Ebyline, we spoke with many editors and freelancers who wanted an easy-to-use system to create and to collaborate on content. We call it the virtual newsroom, and today, we are taking our…