Utilizing New Media to Find Article Ideas


The very first thing you learned as a freelance writer and journalist is advice on how to come up with article ideas. Look within, they say. Sounds almost yen like, but what it really means is to look at your…

How Google Books Lawsuit Affects Journalism, OMG in the OED, and Can Twitter Ruin Your Career?


Today we have some fresh analysis and news about our evolving journalism world. New York Times delivers another “Ahem” to the FreeNYTIMES twitter feed, and Google books gets another stern look (and a day in court) from some publishing associations.…

Streamlining Your Digital Identity

Image from the collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

What’s in a name? Everything. Yes, it’s that age-old adage again, but for freelance writers and journalists in this internet era, your name really is everything. It is your identity, business, brand, and life. In just a few quick keystrokes,…