What Are the Four Types of NYT Headlines? Is Twitter an Overrated Tool for Journalists? Does Flattr + Twitter = Money?


For today’s mix of journalism and media news, we have a humorous insight on the New York Time’s headline strategies, a theory of how micropayment site Flattr could succeed at getting bloggers money, and a report on the Audit Bureau of…

BlackBerry or iPhone, Which is Better for Journalists? UK Reporters’ Tweets To Be Regulated, Social Media as ‘First Draft’ of History


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Can Online Ever Generate More Revenue Than Print? Does Twitter Need an Editor? Where Does Your News Come From?


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Can You Tweet While on Vacation? Radio Reporting Via iPhone? Top Newspapers on Twitter


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From Idea to Real Business


We have discussed becoming a publisher (sales) and reaching the intended public (marketing) for your new venture as an entrepreneurial journalist, and now it’s time to get down to the fun part: making your idea a real business entity.