Gothamist Seeks Pitches for Long-Form Journalism


With the growing popularity of tweets and blog posts and 30-second webisodes, many journalists have lamented the shrinking demand for long-form journalism. You know, those meaty, 8,000-word features that give a reporter the rare to chance to really craft a…

How to Repurpose Print Stories for Radio and the Gear You Need to Do It


Many journalists and investigative technical writers try to maximize their time by repurposing their stories for multiple publications. You can do the same for print to radio stories with some preparation, and you don’t need to know how to use…

How Freelance Journalists Can Find Sources Through Better Online Searches


Nowadays, many journalists and investigative content writers do their research online instead of combing through the stacks at a library. However, the volume of online information makes it tricky to find what you need and filter out resources of questionable…

How to Diversify, Expand, and Broaden Your Freelance Writing Career


Diversify, expand, and broaden. Do you notice that? Three different ways to say the same thing. Diversification is the antithesis of redundancy and the lifeblood of good prose, and so it is for freelance writers. Go ahead, don’t be afraid…

New Freelancer to Ebyline? Here’s How We Work!

freelancer video

Are you a new freelancer to the Ebyline system? Are you a freelancer who has never used Ebyline? Either way, we want to give you a warm welcome to Ebyline!
We put together this video to give you the ins…