Ebyline is hiring: Freelancer Development Manager

We’re seeking a seasoned media executive/journalist to lead our content strategy and freelancer development efforts. This is a great position for someone who collaborates with freelance writers and the journalist community, and has a point of view on the future of journalism. Read more here, check out other job opportunities here, or read more about our company here.

Welcome to the Conversation!

Hello and welcome to Ebyline’s daily blog.

I’m Drew Tewksbury, I will be steering the reigns of this blog. I will be curating your reading experience and hopefully starting conversations that are informative and helpful.

Each day, we will keep you up to date with the latest trends in entrepreneurial journalism, as well as providing hot tips on freelancing and insightful think-pieces on where the industry may be headed. In our discussions, we aim to explore the questions beyond newspaper headlines, blog posts or Twitter feeds. We want to dig deep to investigate the challenges of journalists and ways to success. There is no one way to “make it” in journalism today, so we hope to profile a wide array of journalists and publishers who share a spark of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

As a producer at NPR, a freelance writer for print and online outlets, and an editor, I’ve delved into many different sides of media. I’ve also experienced the challenges and satisfaction that comes along with working for yourself, so I’ve been there too.

Diversity of voice will be the hallmark of our blog, where we will highlight journalists who work from coffee shops, front lines, and boardrooms. We will feature interviews with journalists, freelancers, and online entrepreneurs. Also, expect to see some posts from EByline founders about some of the new features that you will find on the site. And sometimes, they will just write about things they’re excited about.

And maybe, we will even feature you.

So thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to having this ever-evolving conversation about the future of journalism.


Drew Tewksbury