Are Local or National Advertisers the Target for Hyperlocal Publishing?


Hyperlocal sites DNAinfo, ARL Now and all have one thing in common: they target local advertisers. But what local and national advertisers expect from local content publishers is changing, executives from the three sites said, and local publishers needs…

Numbers Don’t Lie: Venture Capital Not So Hot in LA

LA venture capital investment vs SF NY

After posting on Wednesday about the graphic portrayal of a startup boom in Los Angeles provided by Represent.LA’s mapping of the entrepreneurial landscape, Ebyline figured that a journalism-focused company should probably rely on facts, not anecdotes (although anecdotes make great ledes and kickers).
Here’s a…

Using Social Media to Crowdsource Stories

social media 540

As a freelancer, it is often difficult to find credible sources for stories, especially if you are juggling multiple assignments. However, thanks to the emergence and mainstream adoption of social media, it’s easier than ever to find sources for your…

How TabTimes Monetizes Content for and about Tablets


On Wednesday, TabTimes released TabTimes for iPad, a free business magazine focusing on tablets. (The TabTimes website launched in November.) Intrigued by such a niche publication and how it monetizes content, Ebyline talked to Patrick Pierra, publisher of TabTimes, about…

How to Craft a Multimedia Story


A multimedia story is a combination of text, video, photos, and audio. It can also include animation, graphics and interactivity. The story is presented in a nonlinear format in which the information in each medium–video clips, text, and still photos–is…