Why Transparency is the Key to Successful Content Marketing



In the modern age of Internet marketing, digital companies, and handshake agreements exercised through instant messaging systems, trust is the coin of the realm. The key to trusting a company lies in believing that they really do have your best interests at heart, and that requires a level of transparency. 

The same principles apply to content marketing.

When you address your customers with a proposition, you are implying that you can provide them with something valuable. But as content marketing has evolved, we have learned that it is vitally important to show that your customers are valuable to you as well. Many content writers at startups are able to leverage content marketing strategies and transparency to steal market share from the established brands. [Read more...]

3 Essential Rules to Make Your Content Relevant in Any Market

Content Marketing

Content MarketingThere’s no doubt that the evolution of inbound marketing has completely changed how the average consumer can interact with the companies that they love. By developing original, timely content that relates to their audience’s core needs and solves real problems, savvy organizations can organically build their following and take control of their destiny.

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5 Essential Tips on Improving Your Content Marketing ROI



Why isn’t our ROI increasing now that our content marketing campaign is in full swing?

If you’re asking this question, it looks like you are taking content marketing seriously. You’re concerned about getting the best results. You know the value of your customer and understand the value added to your own reputation through great content marketing.

But even if a strategy has worked swimmingly for the past year, it’s smart to keep an eye out for the next opportunity or avenue to provide valuable information and resources to your readers.

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Evaluate Your Content Writer in 6 Easy Steps



Are you keeping an eye on your content writer’s work?

Somewhere along the way, the importance of having a great writer on board became overshadowed by other positions of significance in the workplace. Sales Persons, Human Resource Managers, Controllers, Web Developers and Graphic Artists carry a lot of weight.

But your Content writer controls your branding.  That’s pretty powerful! [Read more...]

8 Common Content Marketing Mistakes You Might be Making


How groundbreaking is the idea that people want to read quality content?

We know that we want to share our ideas, and we know that the first step is getting them out there. From that point the steps can seem less straight forward.

After spending your hard earned money and your valuable time creating quality content for your brand, how can you be sure you’re getting the most out of your effort? [Read more...]