How to Test If Your Content Marketing is Working?


In today’s culture marketing messages are absolutely everywhere. Every time you turn on the TV, boot up your web browser of choice, or even just walk down the street you are almost instantly bombarded by thousands of brands, slogans, and…

How do newspapers really stack up?

newspaper stack

The big news in newspapers this week is that paywalls are starting to pay off for some of the bigger-circ publications. The latest data released by the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM – formerly known as the Audit Bureau of…

Jane Pratt at SXSW: Show your editorial hoo-ha

SXSWi 2013

Women who climb to the top of the editorial ladder aren’t as uncommon as they once were but they’re still rare and, typically don’t reveal how they do what they do to just anybody. So we were excited to hear…

HuffPo’s Soni: “Web publishing is as important as good reporting”

AOL Huffington Post Jimmy Soni

Outside of managing roughly 400 newsroom staffers at the sixth most-trafficked U.S. news site, 27-year-old Jimmy Soni recently found time to publish a biography of ancient Roman politician Cato the Younger and has caught the attention of publications like Forbes…

Patch co-founder describes success factors in hyperlocal profitability


When it comes to running a hyperlocal news site, Patch co-founder Warren Webster said it’s best for business to keep the locals in charge.
In a Fireside Chat panel with interviewer Jeff Bercovici from Forbes at the Street Fight Summit in New…