Content Marketing Lies You Probably Believe

Content Lies You Probably Believe

Content Lies You Probably BelieveIn the constantly evolving world of content marketing, it’s not surprising that a few commonly held principles have changed. It’s not always easy to stay on top of headline-grabbing trends or know which ones are just passing fads.

To keep you in the know, we worked with two content marketers to highlight five of the biggest content marketing falsities that many people still believe.

Jill Brown, owner of marketing company Duchess and former marketer for The Walt Disney Company, weighed in on the topic, as did Joe Pawlikowski, the marketing team leader for PushFire, a digital marketing agency. He shared some of the content lies he sees on a regular basis in their New York City office. With Jill and Joe’s help, we put together a list of content marketing lies that exist today.

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Ebyline Partners With Local Media Consortium

Ebyline is now offering free seven day trials

The Local Media Consortium, a nationwide alliance of leading local media outlets, announced an agreement today with Ebyline that allows all members of the Local Media Consortium to use Ebyline’s platform to recruit and work with freelance journalists across the country. This collaboration will allow publishers to create quality content marketing assets and provide readers with valuable information hosted by familiar local media outlets. Working with Ebyline, news organizations will be able to help businesses reach new and existing audiences and develop additional assets to complement and support other marketing initiatives.

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Learn To Be A Better Storyteller From These Brands

Be A Better Storyteller

Be A Better StorytellerStorytelling is a powerful skill, yet some brands don’t use it as a marketing tool. When used properly, stories can generate brand awareness, encourage support or sales and improve your reputation.

For organizations like Mercy Ships, a non-profit that offers medical care from its fleet of mobile ships, storytelling is vital to not only increase awareness about its mission, but to also show the impact it has on individual lives.

“Storytelling connects people directly to the work of our organization,” Mike Moffett, Mercy Ships’ video producer, says. “It puts them on the front lines and shows them how we work to make a difference in the world.”

Let’s take a look at some brands that are doing storytelling right.

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6 Lessons From A Content Empire: Meet Copyblogger

Statue Reading

Statue ReadingHave you ever wanted to be the absolute authority in your field? You define the knowledge base. Your voice. Your style. Your ways of sharing. These are the qualities that keep audiences coming back time and again.

But there’s a gap between sharing your voice – starting a blog – and building a following that will help you become that go-to destination you dream of being.

Anyone who’s earned that go-to status has been right where you are today: wanting to reach the top. So why don’t we take a lesson (or six) from one of today’s go-to giants to help you along your path?

Copyblogger began back in 2006. Founder Brian Clark’s initial goals were to share the knowledge he had about how sharing information online worked, and in the process, build an audience and create a sustainable living. Eight years later, Copyblogger has become Copyblogger Media, a multi-million dollar company that’s the go-to for everything and anything related to content marketing. I sat down with Brian and asked him to share his six never-forget pieces of wisdom about building a content empire.

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Improve Your Brand With Better Customer Service On Social Media

Improved Customer Support

Improved Customer SupportAs a brand, the last thing you want is a reputation for poor customer service. This goes beyond interactions in brick-and-mortar establishments, should they apply, and it absolutely applies to digital interactions. Today more than ever customers are reaching out via Facebook, Twitter and Yelp to ask questions and leave feedback, and the amount of digital exposure can be tremendous.

While you need to have this feedback on your radar, even more important is your response or lack thereof. To help guide you, we compiled a list of tips to keep your engagement train on the right track.

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