Publishers: How to Avoid Getting Banned by Reddit

Reddit ban

Earlier this summer, social news website Reddit banned the domains of several publications including,,, and for spam. Poynter reports that the temporary bans on those domains have been lifted, but the personal account of¬†Atlantic editor Jared…

Chicago Art Machine Network CEO Kathryn Born on Technology and Journalism


Kathryn born is CEO of the Chicago Art Machine Network, which offers news and features on the Chicago art scene. Born founded Chicago Art Magazine after a career as a filmmaker, artist and writer for 15 years. Chicago Art Magazine…

James Chartrand on Creating Killer Content

Headshot of James Chartrand

James Chartrand made headlines in 2009 when she outed herself as a woman writing under a pen name. News about the thirty-something copywriter from Canada appeared in Newsweek, Huffingpost Post, and numerous other media outlets. Of course, she’s also known…