Querying the Top Magazines by 2011 Circulation

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Researching and pitching new markets can be a time-consuming process, especially when market intelligence can be hard to find. Few things are more frustrating to freelancers than sending a meticulously crafted query, only to discover that the magazine isn’t assigning.¬†With…

5 Reasons for Journalists to Explore MuckRack.com


MuckRack.com, initially a Twitter tool and now a tool for many top social media sites, can be a valuable resource for writers who are looking for sources, want to know the news a day before it is reported, and those…

How Sports Psychology Helps Freelance Writers

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Sport psychology methodology is an invaluable tool for freelance writers. I incorporate the mindset of sport psychology into workload periods of feast or famine. My mental edge comes from a basic tenet of sport psychology: Mental Toughness.
The mentally tough…

Make the Business Side of Freelance Writing More Pleasure than Pain


Writers have a driving need to describe, explain, and express. The change of seasons intoxicates. The vibrancy of fall leaf colors attracts and the irony of such beauty coming at the end of the growing season causes inner contemplation. The…