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Street Fight Summit Highlights: Hyperlocal Marketing And Publishing

Street Fight Summit 2014

From experimenting with hyperlocal publishing to bridging the gap between digital and real-world customers, this year’s Street Fight Summit covered a number of topics. The annual hyperlocal marketing and publishing conference, which took place in New York City on Nov 4, is the…

#FacebookFit: Small Businesses and Social Media Success

The #FacebookFit Panel

Social media behemoth Facebook kicked off a national tour of conferences catering to small businesses on June 3 in New York City. The event, called Facebook Fit, featured a panel of four small business folks who currently use Facebook for marketing-related…

What Brands Can Learn from A Funeral Director


Caleb Wilde isn’t exactly who you think of when you hear the words “funeral director.” The 32-year-old, a student in a master’s program on “Death, Religion and Culture,” has an extremely active presence on social media. He has a blog…

How Metro Newspapers Keep Up ‘Content Velocity’


Like all publishers, the editorial team at Metro U.S. newspapers – which puts out commuter papers in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia –brainstorms which specific story ideas will be of interest to their online readers each day. The challenge…

How Yoplait’s #TasteOff Led To User-Generated Marketing Success


Yoplait is using an unconventional marketing strategy in its latest national campaign—it’s holding a taste-off, encouraging consumers to try Yoplait Greek blueberry yogurt and compare it to Greek-style blueberry yogurt from Chobani, a competitor. (How unconventional?) What’s not so strange…