5 Questions Every Query Should Answer


For many freelance journalists, queries are the key to landing assignments, yet many writers send generic pitches that don’t include enough information to entice an editor. The trick is giving enough information to show that there’s a story worth covering…

5 Tips for Covering Conferences


Previously, I wrote about the value of attending writer’s conferences. As I recently discovered, covering conferences for magazines or the host organization can also be a lucrative and in-demand niche. Thanks to a referral from a colleague, I spent much…

5 Ways to Deal with Writer Envy


“OMG – just landed an assignment with my dream magazine!” “Can’t believe I just signed a book deal!” “Guess what? I’m appearing on CNN tomorrow to discuss my latest article!” Those are the kinds of announcements, whether on Facebook, Twitter,…

5 Ways to Find Expert Sources on Short Notice


Earlier this week, I landed two last-minute freelance assignments requiring experts in the corporate finance and credit card industries. At first, it felt like a mad scramble to track down expert sources and pull everything together in a matter of…

5 Skills That Make Freelance Writers More Marketable


Gone are the days when simply being a strong writer was enough to earn a living. Nowadays, many editors and clients expect freelancers to have skills beyond writing a snappy headline or a poignant turn of phrase.
Here are five…