Sensationalist headlines: Gone too far?


Nowadays you can’t click on a website without spotting sensationalist headlines.
“Fireman saves cat stuck in tree! Whole town cheers.” While sensationalism has always been a part of journalism, pressure to build website traffic and increase clicks has pushed more…

What Does the Ryan Holiday Media Prank Teach Us?

fact checking

Ryan Holiday, the 25-year-old author of Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator, lied to multiple journalists in order to prove that he could influence the media. In response, the Society of Professional Journalists tweeted:
Journalists: 1) Crowdsourcing…

How the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Uses DocumentCloud

Every day, new journalism technologies emerge that give journalists better tools to engage readers. One such tool is DocumentCloud, a new tool sponsored by IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors.) In recent news, reporters at Mother Jones used Document Cloud in their…

International Reporting in the Age of Cutbacks: IRE Recap

Over a thousand journalists gathered on June 14-17 at the Boston Marriot Copley Place for the 2012 IRE Conference in Boston.
At the Going international: Digging up information from other countries panel, panelists stressed that using basic reporting techniques are…

ProPublica’s Mike Webb on Public Interest Journalism


As journalists across the country know all too well, investigative journalism is expensive, and as a result, it’s becoming harder for newspapers and magazines to pull off in-depth investigations. With that in mind, nonprofit newsroom ProPublica focuses on investigative stories…