Hyperlocal journalism: you can only automate so much


Cutting costs: good. Streamlining operations: really good. Eliminating a human editor from the process of publishing news: not gonna happen.That’s the message that Sun-Times Media’s editor-in-chief, Jim Kirk, sought to relay on the second day of the Street Fight Summit…

Patch co-founder describes success factors in hyperlocal profitability


When it comes to running a hyperlocal news site, Patch co-founder Warren Webster said it’s best for business to keep the locals in charge.
In a Fireside Chat panel with interviewer Jeff Bercovici from Forbes at the Street Fight Summit in New…

Hyperlocal tycoons spill what works, what doesn’t


Old-school journalism. Experimenting with profit models. Knowing your readers.
That’s some advice from three of the most successful entrepreneurs in the hyperlocal news space, bantering about the future at the Street Fight Summit conference in New York City. The panel…

Swing state stories: Freelancer gives voice to the ‘backbone of our democracy’


These days, journalists looking to sink their teeth into a juicy assignment don’t wait for publishers to fund their pet projects. Instead, they’re turning to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, where users fund creative projects that spark their interest.
One such…

The Atavist’s Evan Ratliff on founding a digital publishing agency

Atavist's Evan Ratliff

You may or may not have heard of The Atavist. The publishing agency opened for business in early 2011, and has since reportedly landed $1.5 million in funding and teamed up with media clients including The Paris Review and TED…